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Roofing Industry Developments to Watch

If industry trends of 2022 so far seem like déjà vu on steroids, that’s probably because, well, they are. Like many other businesses, the effects of the pandemic are still making a profound impact on the roofing industry. Some of the challenges we face are supply chain issues and worker shortages. But United Materials has worked through challenges like these in our over 99-year history, and we are better prepared to manage market changes, just as we always have.

Supply Chain

The U. S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index reported that 84% of contractors face at least one material shortage in their respective industries. While many companies have been buying materials in bulk to help alleviate supply chain challenges, United Materials has established and maintained enduring relationships with reliable suppliers, which, in turn, helps us continue to deliver the high quality of work and service our customers rely upon.

Skilled Workers

According to the same index report, 88% of contractors expressed that they had “moderate to high levels of difficulty” finding skilled laborers. Some 35% of those contractors say they have passed up projects because of a lack of adequate workers. While this is a difficulty facing many contractors, United Materials prides itself on employing the best roofing workers who have extensive knowledge and experience, so that we are continually able to give our customers the craftsmanship they expect and deserve.

Demand for Eco-friendly Roofing

With businesses growing more conscious about how they impact the environment, the demand for “green” building construction continues to grow rapidly. Living, green roofs, metal, and solar roofing are becoming more popular with businesses. Though the installation and materials costs are generally higher for these types of roofs, the long-term savings for customers is excellent. If your business is looking at one of these types of roofs as an option, United Materials also has much experience with a wide range of roofing options.

Technology in Roofing

Weather, especially in the Denver area and Rocky Mountain west region, is always a factor to consider when deciding on the best roofing solution for your building. Weather and storm tracking apps can be useful tools in helping businesses determine which type of roof is best for them. The same apps can also assist businesses in deciding when their roofs need inspecting after major weather or storm events.

Another increasingly popular tool for roofers is drones. Utilizing drones can help assess storm damage or to map out roofs for potential projects. Drones can be effective for roofing companies to show damage and present options to customers.

At United Materials, we value our customer relationships above all, and our commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship for over 99 years of experience in roofing and roofing repair and maintenance is proof of that. We can help keep your business covered.

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