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RoofGuard   Maintenance Plan


Expert Maintenance for Commercial Roofs

Only from United Materials

A watertight commercial roof not only protects your building, it protects your business. Keep your roof in top shape with the RoofGuard® maintenance plan from United Materials. With the RoofGuard program, a trained professional from United Materials will conduct a thorough roof inspection at six-month intervals and provide you with a roof condition report.


A regular commercial roof maintenance plan can help you get the most out of your roof by finding and preventing leaks and other problems before they cause major damage to your building and your pocketbook.

Fixing the Roof

We’ve Got You Covered

The RoofGuard maintenance plan helps you get the most out of your commercial roof investment. Regular RoofGuard inspections can find leaks before they cause costly and unnecessary damage to ceilings, electrical systems and other important business assets.

Professional Protection with the RoofGuard® Maintenance Plan

Your commercial roof is a long-term investment in your future. Don’t let damage and leaks cut short your roof’s service life. Regular inspections and maintenance are keys to maintaining a commercial roof. This commercial roof maintenance plan helps control the life cycle costs of your roofing system, often for less than pennies per-square-foot.

Invest in Your Future

Even the best commercial roofs eventually require maintenance. Preventive maintenance is an investment in your future. A preventive commercial roof maintenance program and timely repairs can catch minor problems before the grow into major headaches and can postpone, and sometimes even prevent, larger expenses down the road.


Save Money

RoofGuard maintenance costs are tax-deductible. The United Materials RoofGuard plan can also assist in anticipating commercial roofing replace dates and schedule replacement work that meets your needs and schedule.

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Have Peace of Mind

Sleep better at night knowing your commercial roof is protected with the RoofGuard plan from United Material. For over 100 years, United Materials has delivered only the highest-quality commercial roofs, backed by our excellent customer service. If you need service, we’re a phone call away. We respond around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Join the thousands of customers who trust United Materials with their commercial roofing maintenance services. You’ll be happy you did.

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Get Protection for Your Roof

Contact us to learn how the RoofGuard plan can protect your business.

RoofGuard Explained

Mickey Winters - United Materials Office Manager

It’s as Easy as 1-2- 3

1)  United Materials inspects the roof and creates a comprehensive roof assessment report. The report the lists potential problems and includes a measurable action plan for repairs.​

2)  We establish future value of your asset. When the RoofGuard program is used for two consecutive years, we perform two inspections annually and handle basic maintenance at no additional charge. If major work is necessary, you may have it completed on your terms, with a repair budget created in advance. With RoofGuard, there are never any surprises. 

3)  If you experience a roof failure, call us. United Materials will quickly respond and deliver repair services by roofing technicians familiar with your roof - any time of the day or night, in all elements, all year long.

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