United Materials Project Manager/Estimator

Job Description

For the past century, United Materials has been a continuously growing full service commercial roofing company, including sheet metal and waterproofing serving Colorado and beyond. With a focus on quality, customer service, and safety, we have a strong client portfolio including many recognized projects in Denver. We are seeking an experienced Commercial Roofing Estimator who can continue our long tradition of success in providing quality workmanship. We have, and have had many employees working for 30 years and longer in our office and in the field.

The purpose of this position is to take assigned projects from inception through all phases of estimating/bidding to include customer contact/relations, job walks, roof analysis, estimates, bid documents, job setup, contracts, submittals, RFI’s, % completion on labor, billing, collections.  Essentially this position sets forth the financial path of United’s success.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties as assigned.

  • Sales & Estimating

  • Responsibly convert potential leads as assigned to sales

  • Coordinate timely setup of all sold jobs for accounting, using the proper process set forth

  • Serve as a liaison to provide financial and production information for accounting and president

  • Maintain up-to-date progress schedule on all assigned/sold projects. This to include labor usage, drawings of completed work, etc.

  • Build and maintain good relationships with vendors for best pricing and availability

  • Pre-job planning

  • Work directly with accounting to ensure all documentation is met for proper billing and financial support.

  • Complete all necessary Code paperwork prior to start of project, to include permits, submittals, etc.

  • Setup project review with Superintendent and Foreman to discuss project and planning. 

  • Project Management

  • Weekly site visits are required. Attend any owner/GC meeting as required.  

  • Provide weekly safety report and documentation to the Safety Director

  • Maintain hour assessment of project and update Superintendent to maximize production

  • Generate Change Orders.  Follow through to completion before work is completed on all approved CO’s.  Communicate clearly to Superintendent of any changes due to COs

  • Complete required contractual paperwork for each project

  • Communicate with Accounting to discuss billing

  • Assist in collections as needed by Accounting

  • Complete warranty information online as required for each project 

  • Review roof with Foreman and Superintendent to clarify any punch list items

  • Walk completed roof to verify completion of punch list

  • Work with Accounting on final billing and closeout

  • Project close up, and filing of any important documentation on the portal or in the project file



To perform this job successfully, one must be able to perform each essential duty above satisfactorily.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Work Environment​

This is a construction company. A variety of moods and attitudes may occur on a daily basis. There may be occasional stress and raised voices.  Emergency and urgent situations do arise and are in need of immediate attention.  A family atmosphere is encouraged and is part of our company culture. All employees are equally treated, with no favoritism shown to office or field.


Education and/or Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Business/Construction Management or minimum two years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • Knowledge of a variety of computer software applications: MS Word, Excel, CAD, Outlook

  • Must have a Valid Driver’s License


Language Skills​

  • Able to provide effective verbal and electronic communication to fellow employees and clients.

  • Ability to effectively present information in one-on-one and small group situations to customers, clients, and other employees of the organization.

  • Bilingual English and Spanish is an advantage.


Minimum Requirements​

 Skills: (psycho-motor activities needed to perform tasks.)

  • Mental decisions are frequently required in order to analyze numerous data for decision making

  • Knowledge: (Body of and level of information necessary to perform a duty)

  • Extensive knowledge of construction contract law; good communication skills. It is important to fully understand University departmental needs and to act and support same


Physical and Mental: (Frequency, duration, very easy to very hard, essential to helpful)

  • Lifting & Carrying: Occasional light to heavy daily.  Must be able to lift 50 pounds.  Setting up ladders at job site​

  • Pushing & Pulling: Occasional heavy 

  • Body Positions: Occasional stooping, bending, leaning and kneeling 

  • Body Movements: Essential. Full range of movement is essential; stooping, bending lifting climbing 

  • Hand Use: Essential. Dexterity in keyboard use; varying degree of repetitive motion; fine motor skills; work with small objects 

  • Sense of Touch: Helpful 

  • Hearing: Essential. Must be able to listen effectively for customer interaction 

  • Vision: Essential. Primarily for proper safety. 



  • Mathematics: (Counting, adding, subtracting, etc.)

  • Essential. Use of statistics and ratios.

  • Remembering: (Recalling information.)

  • Essential to follow through with updating programs.

  • Language Ability: (Reading, writing, speaking.)

  • Speaking ability is essential for effective communication and customer service. Must be able to write effectively to work with department members. Reading is essential to understand information through analysis.

  • Reasoning: (Judgement and decision making.)

  • Very essential. Must be able to understand the implication of problems and their impact.


United Materials Project Manager/Estimator

Job Description


Removes and installs commercial/residential roofing systems using hand tools and/or power-driven mechanical equipment. Stocks materials on roofs, removes or prepares existing roofing systems for installation of new roofing systems, and installs new roofing systems. May be required to drive company vehicles to and from job site, landfills, or gravel pits.

Essential Functions of the Job

Must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. Must be able to lift and carry 100# rolls of roofing felt, bundles of insulation, bundles of shingles, 50# pails of adhesive and solvents, and debris 50-150 times each day. Must have excellent balance. Must have dexterous use of both hands. Must be able to climb ladders. Must be able to work on uneven or inclined decks. Must be familiar with and be able to use hand tools and mechanized equipment. Must be able to work outdoors in temperature extremes. (20 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit)


Health hazards, including the use of hot asphalt (400 – 550 degrees Fahrenheit) may be encountered and can cause serious injury, if proper precautions are not utilized. This is dangerous, strenuous work requiring excellent coordination, good corrected vision, hearing climbing, balancing, stooping, bending, kneeling, crawling, lifting and the ability to work at great heights.


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