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An Eclectic Art Collection

Last year, we filmed a tour of our office and highlighted many of the amazing pieces of art that adorn the walls and shelves. There were too many pieces to fit into one episode, so we are back with another art tour, showcasing more of the eclectic art that adorns our office walls.

The Rolling Stones and Paper Towel Rolls

What do the Rolling Stones and paper towel rolls have in common? Actually, not much; besides, both are associated with artists who have works on display at United Materials. In this “Under the Roof” episode, we highlight patriotic art pieces by Peter Max, who has designed cover art for a Rolling Stones album. We also reveal a stunning piece by Simon Bull, who used paper towel rolls to paint the piece. And don’t miss a beautiful version of Tim Yanke’s augmented reality work. Plus, a patriotic piece that we adore by prodigy Autumn de Forest.

Connection Between Art and Commercial Roofing

Yes, we are a roofing company that collects art. We have found over the years that art inspires our leadership team and roofing crews. There are many correlations between art and roofing; in our eyes, roofing is a form of art! With each project, we approach roofing with the precision, layout, and coordination of a master artist, resulting in nothing short of a breathtaking masterpiece. Just as an artist's keen eye for detail and creativity produces a work of art, our roofing experts craft each roof with passion and dedication.

Crafting Roofs as Works of Art

Every roofing job is a canvas for creativity and expertise. Each roof becomes a canvas, waiting for our skilled team to transform it into a work of art. We meticulously select the finest materials, blending aesthetics with functionality to ensure every roof looks stunning and performs efficiently.

Every shingle, tile, or membrane is laid meticulously, creating a seamless masterpiece that enhances the building's appearance and protects it against the elements. Our commitment to detail and excellence defines our art-inspired approach to roofing.

Purposeful Commercial Roofing

In art and roofing alike, every detail serves a purpose. Just as an artist selects colors and shapes to convey a message or emotion, our roofing experts assess each building's unique requirements to design a roof that offers unmatched protection and durability.

We recognize that every structure differs and take pride in tailoring our roofing solutions accordingly.

Contact us with your commercial roofing questions. We are happy to help!

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