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Roof Damage Doesn’t Have to Be a Disaster for Your Business

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Words that most business/building owners dread: “Your roof has sustained some damage and needs repair.” You’ve performed routine inspections and maintenance on your roof, but you still find some damage. Whether discovered roof damage was the result of investigating the source of a leak or during a routine roof inspection, it is always disappointing.

Most owners brace themselves for the seemingly inevitable damage to their business’s bottom line. Some wonder if it will interfere with day-to-day business operations. But it doesn’t have to be financially devastating for your business, especially if you have a reliable, experienced roofing company assisting you through the process.

Unfortunately, even the best designed and constructed roofs can be susceptible to the effects of Mother Nature. Heavy, sustained winds, hail, snow, and rain, can eventually weaken even the sturdiest roofs. So, what should you do next? Contact an experienced commercial roofing expert and have them do a thorough assessment of your roof’s damage and recommend any repairs and mitigation strategies.

If your business has been conducting regular roof inspections for preventative maintenance, you’ve already saved yourself some money, even with new damage. Ideally, routine roof inspections and maintenance have already prevented much worse damage from occurring, which can greatly mitigate the damage to your business budget.

At United Materials, we recommend bi-annual inspection and maintenance of commercial roofing, especially given the unpredictable weather that Colorado often experiences. United Materials offers the RoofGuard® maintenance plan to help business owners succeed against potentially costly repairs. Take advantage of bi-annual inspections conducted by highly experienced roofing technicians, whom you can trust to protect one of your biggest business assets—your roof. Call United Materials 303-623-4166.

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