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Maintaining and Repairing A Church Roof

A church roof is an important part of the church structure and must be taken care of properly to ensure its longevity. Regular inspections, basic maintenance, and church roof repair when needed can help maintain the roof and increase its lifespan. It is important to know what steps need to be taken in order to keep your church roof in good condition, such as inspecting it regularly, having basic maintenance performed, and repairing any damages that may occur.

Inspecting a Church Roof

All roofs, even church roofs, should be inspected regularly for damage. Keeping a church roof in good condition leads to improved energy efficiency and protection from harsh weather. After major storms, it is a good idea to check for damage. Here are a few tips about what to look for when identifying wind damage.

First Presbyterian Church of Georgetown
First Presbyterian Church of Georgetown

Church Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

After inspecting a church roof for damage and issues, you may have questions about whether church roof repair or replacement is needed. Damage can result from several factors, including storm damage, extreme weather, and from the normal wear and tear a church roof experiences during its service life. Common causes of damage include:

  • Damage to the roofing membrane: This often appears as cracks, blisters, and weak spots that can allow water to seep in and damage the materials below the membrane.

  • Damaged flashing: The metal flashing on the roof protects against water and weather damage. Over time, temperature fluctuations, exposure to the elements, and severe weather can damage the flashing and lead to potential leaks.

  • Cracks: Cracks can appear in most areas of a roof. Once started, they can spread and get larger with time.

  • Poor drainage: A properly designed and functioning drainage system is your best defense against water damage. Improper drainage allows water to collect on the roof, leading to leaks and roof damage.

  • Damage to openings in the roof: A church roof may have numerous openings for pipes, vents, and roof-mounted equipment. Damage to the materials that seal these openings can lead to leaks and water damage.

Denver Church Roofs by United Materials

Often, church roofs have an irregular shape or structure and may contain a steeple. It’s important to find commercial roofing experts with church roof repair experience. At United Materials, we have roofed many iconic churches in the Denver area. A few included in our portfolio are listed below.

  • First Presbyterian Church of Sterling

  • Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver

  • First Presbyterian Church of Georgetown

If you have questions about your church roof, give us a call or drop us an email. Rest assured, knowing that you will speak to an expert in the church roof industry!

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver
Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver

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