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Finding Wind Damage on Your Commercial Roof

Be on the Lookout for Roof Wind Damage

Here in Colorado and throughout the west, high winds can be a common occurrence, especially during winter blizzards and in the spring, when winds can reach near hurricane speeds. These winds won’t only blow the hat off your head, they can damage your commercial roof, too.

Wind Damage on Roof

How Wind Affects A Roof

When wind blows across the top of a roof it creates an area of lower pressure above the roof, causing the higher pressure air underneath to push the roof upward. In essence, the roof is literally being lifted off the building by wind.

Thankfully, todays commercial roofs are designed to withstand wind. However, it’s important to inspect roofs periodically for wind damage, especially after windy weather.

What to Look For

The Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA) recommends inspecting for the following wind damage.

  • Loose or missing flashing around the perimeter of the roof

  • Ballast or membrane that appears to have been loosened or moved out of place

  • Insulation that has been lifted or moved

  • Damage from wind-borne debris

  • Deck panels that have become dislodged or delaminated

  • Damaged or dislodged vent grates, pipes and skylights

It’s important to find and repair wind damage on a roof early to prevent the damage from spreading further.

In their blog How Wind Uplift Can Affect a Commercial Building’s Roof, the CCPIA states, “According to commercial property insurer FM Global, most roof blowoffs start with a failure at the perimeter. Additionally, minor penetrations in the building’s envelope can result in a large area of damage to the interior of a building. Hence, a building may appear to be able to withstand wind forces until disaster strikes.”

Inspections and Maintenance Are Vital

Don’t let minor damage develop into larger problems. Regular inspections and maintenance can help you find and repair many roofing problems before they cause serious damage to your building and your pocketbook.

With the RoofGuard® maintenance program from United Materials, a trained professional will conduct a thorough roof inspection at six-month intervals and provide you with a roof condition report. It’s a cost-effective way to keep your roof in top condition.

About United Materials in Denver, Colorado

For nearly a century customers throughout the Rocky Mountain region have trusted United Materials with their commercial roofing projects. We install and repair high-quality, long-lasting commercial roofs that provide an excellent return on investment.

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