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It’s Winter Prep Time for Colorado Roofs: What You Should Do Right Away

Updated: May 23, 2023

October in Colorado is the time for building owners and property managers to take steps to prepare their building roofs for winter conditions. After all, any delay in winter preparation could be both expensive and disastrous – Mother Nature has a mind of her own. At United Materials, our best advice is to prepare your building’s roof for winter now. We have some suggestions about the main steps you will need to take to help secure your roof, and, therefore, your business, for winter.

Schedule an Inspection

If you haven’t already done it, schedule an inspection of your building’s roof by a licensed roofing professional. How old is your roof? When was it installed? Various roofing types and surfaces have different life expectancies. For example, a single-ply membrane roof has a typical life expectancy of 10-25 years; whereas, a modified bitumen roof (asphalt-based) has an expectancy of around 25+ years. Of course, these timeframes all depend on how well they were installed and how well they’ve been maintained over their lifetimes. This is why routine and regular roofing inspections are essential. Roofing professionals from United Materials are trained to thoroughly inspect all aspects of your building’s roof and find any potential trouble spots on your roof to help you prevent costly future damage.

Care and Cleaning of Roof for Winter

Any gutters or downspouts and other drainage systems should be cleaned of any debris. The surface of the roof itself needs to be cleared of any rocks, tree limbs or branches, and other loose debris that often gets blown onto the roof. Be sure to trim back any tree limbs or branches that are close to your building’s roof, as well.

Repair Right Away

If, during the course of your roof’s inspection, there are some trouble spots found, schedule repairs right away. The sooner, the better. Waiting until winter has fully begun is going to add to the difficulty and costs of repair. No one wants to deal with a leak under a snow-covered roof. At United Materials, our roofing professionals are among the best in the industry and can assist your business with any repairs needed to help prepare your building’s roof for winter and to extend its life, which protects your business assets.

Final Thoughts

Building owners in the Denver area and Rocky Mountain West region are no strangers to winter weather and its potential hazards. But that doesn’t mean that we should get complacent about winter. United Materials has served this area for over 99 years and has extensive winter roofing preparation experience as well as repairing and installing commercial roofing. Our highly trained professionals are always ready to serve our customers and help them protect what is under their roofs by helping to strengthen and fortify the roof that covers those assets.

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