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How to Retain Employees

In this "Under the Roof" episode, we're lifting the veil on the time-tested practices that have kept our United Materials team members dedicated and thriving, with an average employee tenure of over 20 years! Join us on this insightful journey as we delve into the core values, benefits, and secrets behind our remarkable employee retention success.

Family, Equality, and PTO: The Pillars of Loyalty

At United Materials, our commitment to treating every team member like family, offering equal benefits, and providing ample time off contributes to fostering unwavering employee loyalty.

Three Core Values: Foundations of Longevity

This video outlines three fundamental values that form the backbone of our team's enduring commitment. Learn how these principles have stood the test of time and created a work culture that stands apart.

Motivation Through Recognition (and Carnitas Fridays!)

 Explore how our innovative approach to awards, including the infamous Carnitas Fridays, plays a pivotal role in keeping our team motivated and engaged.

Join us in unlocking the century-old secrets on how to retain employees and build a team that not only stays but thrives. This episode is packed with valuable insights that resonate across industries.

Watch Now and Stay Informed

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Here's to building lasting teams and thriving together!

If you are looking for a great place to work, we are hiring!

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