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How to Determine Your Roof Maintenance Budget

Updated: May 23, 2023

This time of year is when many businesses plan their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. Does your business’ annual budget include expenses for the care and maintenance of your business’s roof? After all, that roof is the biggest part of your business that stands between your assets and the whims of Mother Nature. United Materials has some helpful suggestions for what your business needs to consider for your roof’s budget planning.

Commercial Roof Inspections and Repairs

Regular inspection by a licensed, experienced roofing professional can save your business a great deal of future expenses. A good rule of thumb for frequency of roof inspections is twice yearly, though any time there has been severe weather in your area, you should have your building’s roof inspected as soon as possible after the weather event. Skilled roofing professionals will find any potential problems and recommend repairs, long before they become costly repairs, or even a complete replacement of your roof, which can also cost your business both money and time.

Roofing Maintenance Plans

One roofing expense for your business should include a maintenance plan. Think of this as an investment in one of your biggest, long-lived business assets. With the RoofGuard® Maintenance Plan from United Materials, for example, your business gets the benefit of semi-annual, thorough inspections of your roof and all its components. Our roofing professionals will clean any debris from your roof and provide a written report of the status of your roof, including photos. If we find any potential damage or recommend repairs, we also include that in our report. Maintenance plans are designed to save your business money in the long-term, with a much smaller budget expenditure.

The Age and Type of Roof

How old is the roof on your building? What type of material was used during the installation of your roof? These factors are very important when planning for roof care and maintenance. If you are unsure of either, your trusted roofing professional can help you determine this. Older roofs will, of course, require more frequent inspection and repair, and, in some instances, complete replacement. The type of materials from which your roof is constructed also matters because that, too, can determine how durable and long-lived your roof can be and how it will hold up under difficult weather conditions. For example, PVC and built-up roofs tend to be more durable and require less frequent repairs.

Commercial Roof Budget

The consensus among roofing industry experts seems to be that budgeting for about two percent of the original installation cost of your building’s roof per year is a solid recommendation. Now, if you don’t have the original installation cost information available to you, don’t worry. Simply ask your trusted roofing professionals to help you create a reliable budget for your business. Or invest in a roofing maintenance plan. Or both.

With well over 99 years of commercial roofing experience in Denver and the surrounding areas, our roofing professionals here at United Materials have the experience and knowledge to help you with all your business’s roofing needs, including budgeting “for a rainy day.”

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