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What does “Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication” Mean?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

When you visit our United Materials website, you’ll notice that one of the quality services we provide customers is custom sheet metal fabrication. We offer a wide variety of customized work, ranging from creating architectural enhancements for your roof, such as weathervanes and spires, to gutters, downspouts, or even HVAC curbs and adapters. United Materials staff makes these products in-house, which saves our customers time and money.

Enhancing Commercial Buildings with Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our in-house staff has been working with us for the past 15 years, consistently providing our customers with high-quality craftsmanship. They take great pride in their work and customer satisfaction. And, while most people don’t think much about what goes on a roof, mainly being concerned that the roof does its job and covers and protects their businesses, these metal products greatly enhance the health and value of the roof, which also enhances the value of your building.

commercial metal roof

Gutters, downspouts, HVAC curbs and adapters, drip edges, safety guards, chimney caps, conductor/leader heads—these items may seem ordinary or practical, but they are essential to maintaining a properly functioning roof and building. If they’re cheaply constructed, building owners will face expensive repairs in the not-too-distant future. Without gutters and downspouts, water will pool on a roof, eventually weakening it, creating leaks and other damage. If HVAC curbs and adapters are not constructed well, airflow into and out of a building will be obstructed, making it more complicated and expensive to heat and cool. Our fabrication staff prides itself on producing the highest quality products so that your business avoids these costly problems.

Custom Architectural Enhancements

Architectural enhancements such as weathervanes, spires, column covers, cornices, and finials add to the aesthetic appeal of a roof. But they also add value to a roof and can extend the service life of a roof. Most roofs are unremarkable without these enhancements—the roof is “just there,” covering the building. Adding items like these to a roof draws attention to a building, demonstrating, to a certain extent, that the building owner has an invested interest in the building's aesthetic, which appeals to many potential customers and clients by giving it a more custom, upscale look.

United Materials only uses the highest quality metals in our fabrication process. This lengthens the service life of your roof and the enhancements themselves. We provide quality materials that match your building’s needs, such as aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and prefinished steel. Our staff can produce designs for your existing structures or custom designs to your specifications. We make on-site measurements to ensure the products are suitable for your building.

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