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Weathering the Storm: Record-Breaking Year for Colorado Hail and Severe Thunderstorms

The year 2023 will be remembered as one for the books, especially in Colorado. The Centennial State witnessed an astounding 892 severe thunderstorm warnings—the highest number in its history. But that's not all; record-breaking amounts of hail pelted down, causing 2023 to be dubbed the “haliest” year on record. Colorado is often touted as having over 300 days of sunshine, but let's unravel the truth behind the sunny statistics.

Hail Alley - Colorado Hail

Colorado hail is expected in this region due to the state’s pivotal position within Hail Alley, a region extending from Wyoming to Texas and spanning from Colorado to Kansas, covering the western portions of the Dakotas, substantial parts of Nebraska and Oklahoma, and sections of Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois.

The state's susceptibility to hail is significantly influenced by its elevation. Due to its location on the high plains, there is less vertical distance between the atmosphere and the ground, reducing the opportunity for Colorado hail to melt before reaching the surface.

All of this hail and severe thunderstorm talk may surprise someone who has heard that Colorado is known for over 300 days of sunny weather yearly; let’s unravel the truth behind those sunny statistics.

The Myth of 300 Days of Sunshine

Colorado's reputation as a sunny state precedes it. It's often cited that the state enjoys over 300 days of sunshine each year. However, while the sun does grace the Colorado skies frequently, the number of truly sunny days is much lower. Check out this article explaining where the myth originated and learn how many sunny days Coloradans can expect!

Severe Weather Takes Its Toll

While Colorado hail and weather can be unpredictable, one thing that remains certain is the impact of severe weather on roofs and commercial buildings. The record-breaking year in terms of thunderstorms and hail brought significant challenges for property owners and businesses alike. Colorado hail, in particular, can be incredibly damaging, causing everything from minor dents to more extensive damage.

United Materials: Your Partner in Weathering the Storm

Amidst the turbulent weather, United Materials has been steadfast in providing reliable solutions to our valued customers. We understand the importance of a robust and weatherproof roof.

Our commitment to quality and excellence remains unwavering even in the face of 892 severe thunderstorm warnings and Colorado hail!

As we navigate the ups and downs of Colorado's weather, we want to express our sincere gratitude for placing your trust in United Materials. Your loyalty is a testament to our dedication to providing top-notch roofing solutions.

Here's to weathering the storm together: come hail or shine.

Contact us for more information on repairing hail-damaged commercial roofs.

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