• Mark Forbes

Springtime Roof Inspections Are Essential

Updated: Apr 12

Roofs are often taken for granted. Most people don’t give them a second thought, but, considering their purpose, we really should think about them, at least, in the sense that they need care and maintenance, just like building interiors. After all, without a roof to shield your business from the elements, the other parts of the building can only do so much.

A quality roof will protect your business and property from all the elements, like wind, rain, hail, and snow, and Colorado has had some heavy snows this winter. Although no roof is impervious to the effects of Mother Nature, there are steps building owners can take to either prevent or mitigate costly problems. Standing water on a roof can lead to water damage, and any uncleared snow creates undue stress on your roof from its weight. Trees that may overhang your building can cause damage either via falling branches or leaves clogging drains and gutters/downspouts.

Routine roof inspections can help catch any of these problems before they become costly disasters for you and your business. What exactly is involved in a United Materials commercial roof inspection? United’s trained roofing technician will inspect your roof’s general condition and look for any apparent physical damage. Any debris should also be removed, and drainage devices should be checked to ensure they’re in proper working order. Remember: just because no water is coming into your building doesn’t mean your roof is in good shape.

United Materials provides businesses that extra peace of mind with the RoofGuard® maintenance program to assist our customers in keeping their roofs in optimum condition. For over 99 years, United Materials has been committed to delivering not only exceptional quality work, but also world-class customer service. Let us inspect your roof and help you continue to protect all your business assets.

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