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Factors that Influence Commercial Roof Replacement Cost

Factors That Influence the Cost of a Commercial Roof

When replacing a commercial roof, a roofing contractor has to consider many factors before estimating a replacement cost. Here’s a brief rundown of those factors and how they influence the overall cost.

Type of Roof and Materials

The type of roof on a building, either flat, low-sloped or sloped, will dictate the types of materials that can be used on the roof. Materials and roofing styles used on flat and low-sloped roofs are usually single-ply materials or a built-up bituminous roofing system.

Single-ply materials can cost less to install than other flat roof materials. Sloped roofs often use shingles (asphalt or barrel tile) or metal roofing materials. Asphalt shingles tend to be the least expensive option, with long-lasting metal roofing being the most expensive.

Condition of Substrate Materials

In addition to the cover material, the roof also involves the building structure, roof insulation, metal or wood decking and cover boards. The condition of these materials and whether they need to be repaired or replaced will impact the cost of a commercial roof.

To detect damage in substrate materials, commercial roofing contractors will often use moisture detection equipment to see if the roof has trapped moisture and other water-related issues, which often necessitates the replacement of underlaying materials.

Type and Number of Fasteners

The potential for high wind speeds will dictate the type and number of fasteners the roof will require. Roofs exposed to high winds require more, and stronger, fasteners.

Building Height and Roof Access

In some cases, roof height and access have a major impact on final costs. Getting materials onto the roof of taller buildings can require specialized equipment such as cranes.

Building Codes

Building codes can play a role in roof replacement costs. Some communities require specific roofing materials or have other requirements that can add to the cost.

Choose a Reputable Roofing Company

A reputable roofing company will explain all costs up-front and be able to answer the questions you may have about a roof repair or replacement project.

For nearly 100 years, customers in Denver and throughout the Rocky Mountain region have trusted United Materials with their commercial roofing projects.

United Materials installs high-quality, long-lasting commercial roofs that provide an excellent return on investment. Our roofs meet all commercial and building codes and provide you with the best roof for your building.

No matter what type of roof you need, our expert team will provide you with the most economical and durable solution for your unique application. Whether a repair, a new roof or a re-roof, our goal is the same – to exceed customer expectations.

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