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Denver Commercial Roofing by United Materials

Denver's skyline is a testament to its rich history and vibrant evolution. At United Materials, our commercial roofing experience extends beyond retail and office complexes; it also encompasses preserving and restoring the city's historic buildings. As a Denver commercial roofing contractor who has been in business for over 100 years, we know a thing or two about roofing historic buildings. 


Roofing Historic Buildings: Blending Tradition with Modern Expertise

Denver's landscape is adorned with landmarks that echo stories of a bygone era. From Union Station to the Byron White Federal Courthouse and East High School, our portfolio proudly boasts numerous historic buildings where United Materials' expertise in commercial roofing has left an indelible mark.

The Art of Roofing Historic Structures

Roofing historic buildings isn't merely about repairs or replacements; it's a delicate dance between honoring the past and ensuring longevity for the future. Our specialized approach involves meticulous planning, sourcing authentic materials, and employing time-honored techniques to preserve the architectural integrity of these iconic structures.

Before we lay a single shingle, thorough research and inspections are conducted to understand the structure's historical significance. We prioritize understanding the original design, materials used, and any unique challenges specific to the building's era.

Bringing History to Life, One Roof at a Time

In this video, we invite you to explore the intersection of history and craftsmanship. Discover the challenges, triumphs, and captivating stories behind our involvement in preserving a historic building in Wyoming! 

If you are looking for a Denver commercial roofing contractor (we work in Wyoming, too!) specializing in historic buildings, call us; we’d love to discuss your roofing needs!

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