United Materials
Colorado's Master Roofing Contractor since 1923


Colorado's Master Roofing Contractor since 1923


Solutions today that anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.




5135 York Street. 
Denver, CO 80216


Phone: (303) 623-4166
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Service Overview

Core Roofing 

  • Installation

  • Repair

  • Maintenance

  • Solar Design & Installation

  • Custom Fabrication

  • High-Quality Core Materials



Sectors & Type

  • Industrial

  • Government & Private

  • Retail

  • Educational

  • Multifamily

  • Historic



Our Approach

  • Award-Winning Craftsmanship

  • Collaborate with Asset Stakeholders

  • Cost Control and ROI-minded

  • Re-use and Recycling of Materials

  • Ongoing Industry Education

  • Long-term Interest Valuing Clients and Employees



The road to success is always under construction
— Lily Tomlin


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