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New commerical roofing, reroofing, waterproofing, retrofitting, inspections and maintenance in the Denver area.

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Core Roofing

Roof Installation
Roof Repair
Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roof Replacement
Solar Design & Installation
Custom Fabrication
High-Quality Core Materials



Our Approach

Commitment to Craftsmanship
Collaborate with Asset Stakeholders
Cost Control and ROI-minded
Re-use and Recycling of Materials
Ongoing Industry Education
Valuing Clients and Employees

We Hold the Edge in Problem-Solving

United Materials excels at the “5 Cs”: Credibility, Competency, Capacity, Cost, and Comfort. And once combined, we have confidence our relationship with the customer will be defined by mutual trust.   

Regardless of complexity, United Materials considers each project as unique. We convey the full benefit of our roofing knowledge, design & engineering expertise, and craftsmanship - resulting in outcomes reflective of our commitment to the customers we serve.


We participate in test programs that track reliability of new materials and roofing systems. We remain current with our education of emerging roofing technologies, which allows us to maintain our position as a leader in sustainability and the practical re-use of existing materials.


Roof Repairs

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Roofing and Waterproofing


Roof Maintenance

Emergency Roof Repair

Our on call emergency roofing repair team is ready 24/7/365! Our technicians are fully-equipped to quickly respond to any calls that may threaten customer assets. Our crews make expedient assessments and take action as warranted, giving our customer peace of mind. Our priorities are simple: Respond, repair, and communicate.
Need help now? Call our emergency repair specialists at 303.629.7663.

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional.

Our highly-trained roof technicians have a wealth of broad-based experience. We may apply modified, single-ply, EPDM and sloped roof systems. Our expert assessments will lead to the most economical and durable solution for our customer. Whether a new roof or re-roof, we begin with the end in mind: Exceeding customer expectations.

RoofGuard® Maintenance

RoofGuard®, a division of United Materials, is an essential roof maintenance program. Inspections are completed at six-month intervals, with a roof condition report delivered after each roof inspection. These inspections will control the life cycle costs of the roofing system for less than pennies per square foot. RoofGuard® is the best answer to the question of how to extend the useful life of a roof.