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Coatings Provide Options for Commercial Roofs

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Is a Roof Coating Right for Your Roof?

When it comes to maintaining a commercial roof, many building and business owners think their only options are to repair or replace their roofs. In some situations, a roof coating offers a third option.

Roof coatings can extend the life of a structurally sound commercial roof that is showing the effects of weathering and UV damage. These coatings, which are applied as a liquid, offer a number of benefits. Here are 10 benefits of roof coatings provided by GAF. GAF manufacturers high-quality products for commercial and residential roofing and is a supplier to United Materials in Denver.

It’s important to remember that these benefits only apply to structurally sound roofs without leaks or wet insulation.

Roof Coating Benefits

  • Enhance a roof’s reflectivity. A reflective coating can protect the roof from harmful UV rays, which can degrade roof membranes.

  • Increase energy savings. A dark roof can reach temperatures topping 150°F on a hot, sunny day. A white roof coating can drop that temperature by 50°F or more. The reduction in the roof’s temperature reduces the heat transfer into the building and can reduce air conditioning costs.

  • Increase the comfort in areas that aren’t air conditioned.

  • Improve the appearance of a building by adding a clean white color or other color to the roof.

  • May provide a lower-cost alternative to enhance roof protection if the roof is structurally sound.

  • Help seal roof penetrations from HVAC equipment, pipes, etc.

  • Improve the appearance and extend the life of the roof without replacing it.

  • Add one more level of protection from leaks, which is never a bad idea.

Your Commercial Roofing Experts

For nearly 100 years, United Materials has installed high-quality, long-lasting commercial roofs throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

We’ve installed and repaired roofs on facilities ranging from large warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities to schools, government buildings and churches. No job is too large or too small.

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