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Chalmers Hadley Library

Chalmers Hadley was head of the Denver Public Library from 1910-1924, and this building was dedicated in 1964. It has since been known as the Hadley branch of the Denver Public Library. The job consisted of a number of multiple cut-ins and other repairs, as well as the installation of 225 square feet of adhered Johns Manville 60 mil TPO roofing material, on a steel deck, atop 1/2" retro-fit cover board and ISO insulation. The age of the building and previous work presented only a few challenges - though each was easily evaluated, followed by the careful implementation of design solutions. The results have ensured strength, durability, and peace of mind to the asset owners. It was a pleasure to be part of preserving this library, and adding benefit to the local neighborhood surroundings.   

Check back as more job specifications and photos of our progress become available.          


Mart Plaza

Mart Plaza on Logan Court is an industrial space with over 170,000 square feet of capacity. United was tasked with re-roofing four buildings, replacing approximately 1200 squares, with Johns Manville 25-year No-Dollar-Limit Warranty. A particularly careful removal process was initiated to keep debris from drifting down into the warehouse. Once complete, 3.5” ISO 4’ x 4’ was set in hot asphalt with ½” retrofit coverboard, using two plies of Glass-Ply Premier in asphalt. Before new coping metal was installed and the entire surface was coated with aluminum, a Johns Manville Cool Roof Appex 4S membrane was torched to the surface, providing for long-lasting results.


Columbine Hills Post Office

Dedicated and opened in 1982, the Columbine Hills Post Office required the removal and replacement of 222 squares of roofing, along with several repairs. The existing roof system was removed down to the structural deck, including the roofing membrane, insulation, and underlayments. Inspection of the structural deck was done carefully and thoroughly, and included repairs or replacement of the perimeter wood blocking. Once those repairs were complete, United installed a tapered polyisocyanurate insulation system with a slope of 1/8-inch per foot and a starting thickness of 1-inch. A ½” SecuRock coverboard was placed over the underlying insulation, before United installed a fully-adhered Johns Manville 60-MIL EPDM roofing membrane in bonding adhesive. The installation was then finished the installation with sheet metal flashings and walkway pads of EPDM bridging two adjoined roof areas.


Basalt Middle School

Basalt Middle School is a high-performing and award-winning public middle school serving approximately 500 students in grades 5 through 8. Located in Basalt, Colorado, Basalt Middle School is a member of the Roaring Fork School District. The work completed by United Materials was varied and comprehensive, affecting the existing building as well as additions that were added to increase its size. A classroom addition to the school required an EPDM roof, a standing seem metal roof was installed at the sun shelters, and a TPO was installed along with fascia wall panels on the addition titled the Movement Room, which also had many glass elements.

The elements of this gratifying project were varied, complex, and numerous. If you have a project like this in mind, and would like to find out more about our methodology and our expertise for complex projects, please feel free to contact Linda Baker at linda@unitedmtls.net. She will connect you with the team member responsible for this specific project.