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Basalt, Colorado
Basalt Middle School is a high-performing and award-winning public middle school serving approximately 500 students in grades 5 through 8. Located in Basalt, Colorado, Basalt Middle School is a member of the Roaring Fork School District. The work completed by United Materials was varied and comprehensive, affecting the existing building as well as additions that were added to increase its size. A classroom addition to the school required an EPDM roof, a standing seem metal roof was installed at the sun shelters, and a TPO was installed along with fascia wall panels on the addition titled the Movement Room, which also had many glass elements. 

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Denver, Colorado
Dedicated and opened in 1982, the Columbine Hills Post Office required the removal and replacement of 222 squares of roofing, along with several repairs. The existing roof system was removed down to the structural deck, including the roofing membrane, insulation, and underlayments. Inspection of the structural deck was done carefully and thoroughly, and included repairs or replacement of the perimeter wood blocking. Once those repairs were complete, United installed a tapered polyisocyanurate insulation system with a slope of 1/8-inch per foot and a starting thickness of 1-inch. A ½” SecuRock coverboard was placed over the underlying insulation, before United installed a fully-adhered Johns Manville 60-MIL EPDM roofing membrane in bonding adhesive. The installation was then finished the installation with sheet metal flashings and walkway pads of EPDM bridging two adjoined roof areas.



Denver, Colorado
Mart Plaza on Logan Court is an industrial space with over 170,000 square feet of capacity. United was tasked with re-roofing four buildings, replacing approximately 1200 squares, with Johns Manville 25-year No-Dollar-Limit Warranty. A particularly careful removal process was initiated to keep debris from drifting down into the warehouse. Once complete, 3.5” ISO 4’ x 4’ was set in hot asphalt with ½” retrofit coverboard, using two plies of Glass-Ply Premier in asphalt. Before new coping metal was installed and the entire surface was coated with aluminum, a Johns Manville Cool Roof Appex 4S membrane was torched to the surface, providing for long-lasting results.


Chalmers Hadley Library

Denver, Colorado
Chalmers Hadley was head of the Denver Public Library from 1910-1924, and this building was dedicated in 1964. It has since been known as the Hadley branch of the Denver Public Library. The job consisted of a number of multiple cut-ins and other repairs, as well as the installation of 225 square feet of adhered Johns Manville 60 mil TPO roofing material, on a steel deck, atop 1/2" retro-fit cover board and ISO insulation. The age of the building and previous work presented only a few challenges - though each was easily evaluated, followed by the careful implementation of design solutions. The results have ensured strength, durability, and peace of mind to the asset owners. It was a pleasure to be part of preserving this library, and adding benefit to the local neighborhood surroundings. 

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Rocky Mountain High School

Ft. Collins, Colorado
Rocky Mountain High School of the Poudre Valley School District, opened in 1973 and was expanded and renovated during the 1994–95 school year. With the need for a new roof recognized, United Materials began work in June of 2017, with the scope of installation 614 squares, expecting project completion in August of 2017. Once it was decided that the roofing felts would be left in place, the loose rock was swept from the existing built-up roofing system, and the remaining gravel surface was scratched to the felts. The job calls for the installation of a layer of 2.5” polyisocyanurate insulation, along with one layer of ½” JM Dura Board set in JM One-Step Adhesive. One layer of base sheet will also be set in cold adhesive, with the final layer consisting of a fire resistant mineral surfaced cap sheet. The school district will also enjoy the protection of the Johns Manville 20-Year No Dollar Limit manufacturer’s warranty.  


Barnum Branch of the Denver Public Library

Denver, Colorado
The Barnum Branch of the Denver Public Library first set up shop in a firehouse. Organized by Librarian Florence Briber, the firemen themselves helped in setting up the shelves and shelving the books, and apparently the branch operated together with the working fire station. Funded by the Frederick Ross Grants, the Ross-Barnum branch opened in 1954, undergoing a renovation in 1973.

This job entailed the removal of the existing BUR roof system, and the installation of a gypsum base layer over wood decking in one area, before tapered ISO foam insulation was affixed – with ISO foam insulation in the adjacent roofing area affixed to metal decking. While each area was covered in asphalt flood coat and ½” gravel, each area had varying degrees of insulation installed in hot asphalt, as well as four-ply Type 6 fiberglass felt BUR system in hot asphalt.


Suncor Boys & Girls Club

Denver, Colorado
For this new construction project, United Materials would affix Johns Manville 60 mil EPDM roofing to cover 350 squares. Approximately 35% of the roofing covers office area rising one story, and 65% covers the gymnasium at a height of two stories. Because the gym used acoustical ceiling, all the insulation was applied with two-part polyurethane adhesive, so no holes would be necessary for the installation. For the office area roofing, the insulation was mechanically fastened with screws and fasteners, and the EPDM was fully adhered with a Johns Manville bonding adhesive.

The Johns Manville EPDM covered a minimum R-30 insulation, with a taper on the gym,
because the gym deck was flat. Because of the design and high walls, United installed
crickets, using them also on the bottom the deck where it was sloped. And then it tied into two clear stories, where shingles were used.




Denver, Colorado
In addition to on-membrane repairs to the existing TPO roof system, this project also entailed the layout and installation of 148 skylights, the creation of two roof hatches, and the flashing of air handling unit and concrete masonry unit structural support systems, pipe penetrations, and curbs and vents. Materials used were 60 mil white TPO, two layers of 2” ISO, and ½” fiberboard mechanically fastened to the steel deck.


Strait Lumber Company

Denver, Colorado
Strait Lumber Company is one of United Materials’ oldest friends, having been established just 13 years after us, in 1936. This project gave United Materials the opportunity to deliver a wide range of services, from removing skylights and replacing them with metal panels, to power-washing an expansive steel roof. Standard maintenance also included priming rusted areas, sealing seams and roof screws, and installing two layers of hydro-stop foundation coat. United Materials also removed existing metal wall panels that had buckled, and installed new metal panels to match the skylight panels.   

denver pavilion.jpg

Science Pavilion at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver, Colorado
The Science Pyramid will showcase Denver Botanic Gardens’ research activities, and invite the visitor to see the world of plants through a scientific lens. Learn about Colorado ecosystems, how plant scientists explore our world by studying plant organisms in depth, and how one's backyard is connected to the larger natural world.


Denver Union Station - Substructures

Denver, Colorado
There are nine substructure roof areas beneath the pavilion canopy, ranging from 7.8 squares to .94 of a square, finished with Versico Versiweld Premier 60 mil TPO membrane, which is fully adhered to mechanically attached high density fiberboard. Composition entailed 5/8” DensDek Fireguard type X laid over the steel deck, covered with two layers of 2” Dow Extruded Polystyrene Insulation, which is covered with tapered insulation and a ½” high density fiberboard over the tapered insulation.  These are then mechanically fastened to the steel decking below. Along with the main roof drain, .060 prefinished aluminum scuppers, collector heads and downspouts were installed for complete drainage of the roofs.


Frontier Academy

Greeley, Colorado
20 squares of 80 mil white TPO over high density coverboard This green roof project is a reroof and re-cover project entailing work on approximately 2050 sq ft., preparing it for garden/vegetative addition. Once a nuclear moisture test ensured the integrity and usability of the previously installed isocyanurate insulation, the aging EPDM was removed. United Materials then installed a ½” Secure Rock high-density cover board over the re-secured roof insulation, after which 80mil TPO was used to re-cover the surface. 


Rifle High School

Rifle, Colorado
1050 squares of EPDM and modified bitumen. This two-phase project entailed the removal of a metal and wood roof deck.  Installed in its place was a roofing system consisting of EPDM, modified bitumen, metal wall panels, vented soffit, and standing seam.  Certain areas covered by the project required extensive deck painting, repair and replacement - due to phenolic roof insulation being present over the locker rooms.  Phenolic insulation may create a corrosive byproduct that could potentially damage metal, if not kept dry. 


Byron White Federal Courthouse

Denver, Colorado
828 squares of dual-reinforced modified bitumen United has been honored to have performed roofing maintenenace on this historic structure since 1945.  These services have included roofing, waterproofing, asbestos remediation, slate roof remediation, asbetsos shingle remediation, HVAC removal and restoration.  United was part of the design-build effort and served as a prime and subcontractor to this effort.  


Blevins Middle School

Fort Collins, Colorado
954 squares of modified bitumen with a 90 mil base sheet The existing built-up gravel-surfaced and aluminum-coated roof systems were removed, along with the insulation to the structural deck. New flat and tapered isocyanurate insulation was installed through various methods, from roof decks made with concrete, wood, or metal. New modified bitumen roofing was installed with a 90 mil base sheet and 90 mil dual-reinforced modified bitumen cap sheet in cold adhesive, and spray applied.  New standing seam roofing was installed at entry ways, and new prefinished cap flashing at the perimeter.   


Butte Montana Federal Office Building

Butte, Montana

172 squares of modified bitumen set in cold adhesive. This roofing project was completed on a building constructed in 1930, and focus was placed upon care and attention to detail.  It involved terra cotta balustrade remediation, roof replacement, metal penthouse, and selected rebuilding.  Also included was the installation of an attic walkway, roof hatch, copper replacement for parapets, other structural repairs and a safety egress.   


Denver Federal Center - Bldgs 20 & 56

Denver, Colorado
1900 squares of 60 mil TPO. This project is located at the Denver Federal Center and involved the following design-build work: Partial removal of the roofs on Buildings 20 & 56 (inset left), and installation of new roofing, including an integrated roof-mounted photovoltaic array.  The photovoltaic arrays were tied into the existing electrical distribution system.


Washington Park Recreation Center

Denver, Colorado
84 squares of 60 mil TPO. The recreation center was designed in 1971 by the architectural firm Anderson Banker Rinker, and houses an indoor pool and other athletic facilities located in Washington Park, which was initially designed between the years 1899 and 1908.


Basalt Elementary School

Basalt, Colorado
383 squares of fully-adhered 90mil EPDM, with 81 squares of Sierra Tan standing seam metal roofing.   Located on the Western Slope of Colorado, and subject to a full spectrum of weather conditions, Basalt Elementary School required a roofing solution with exceptional ozone resistance covered by a long-term guarantee. 


Sterling Presbyterian Church

Sterling, Colorado
20 squares of 60 mil EPDM, 65 squares of shingles, various metal restoration including gutter.

Built in 1919, this structure is on the National Register of Historic Places. With Classical Revival architectural style, this complete reroof included the complexity of installing standing seam metal panels over a dome structure.


First Presbyterian Church of Golden

Golden, Colorado
75 squares of 60 mil PVC in sandstone, completed in December 2013.   

Built in 1870, and nestled in the foothills of Golden, Colorado, the roofing had to be carefully applied on this 19th century structure, in the course of considering harsh ultra- violet and above-average wind uplift conditions common to the topography of Golden's foothills.  


Byron Rogers Federal Courthouse

Denver, Colorado
279 squares of TPO, replacing the SBS Modified originally installed in the early-1990s. 

United Materials originally re-roofed the building and courthouse during the Oklahoma City Bombing trial, reroofing it in 2013. Penthouse renovations were also included, and completed during the trial using guidelines set by the judge. 




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Free Enterprise Magazine

Beth Gloss considered careers in teaching and forestry before choosing roofing and buying United Materials LLC 21 years ago. At five feet tall, Beth Gloss may be small in stature, but she’s large in influence. As the managing member of United Materials LLC, she is a pioneer in the heavily male-dominated roofing industry.  Read more...




Beth Gloss graduated from college hoping to become a wildlife conservation biologist. The federal government wasn’t hiring in the late-1970s, and she was forced to take a job as a roofing estimator. Before she knew it, Gloss fell in love with the trade. She spent 30 percent to 50 percent of her first three years on a roof… Read more... 


US Women’s Chamber of Commerce

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Excellence in Design Public Leadership Award, General Services Administration
Certificate of Achievement, Denver Metro Small Business Development Center
Stellar Award, US Women’s Chamber of Commerce
Innovative Solutions Re-Roofing, General Services Administration/National Roofing Contractor Association Gold Circle Awards
Community Service Award, Colorado Roofing Association
National Roofing Contractor Association Gold Circle Finalist
Business Woman of the Year, American Solutions
Excellence in Green Building, Green Building of America
Top Business, Diversity Business.com
Top Diversity Owned Business, Diversity Business.com
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Top 100 Contractors, RSI Roofing/Siding/Insulation Magazine
Certificate of Appreciation, General Services Administration
Certificate of Community Service, Denver Police Department
Recognition of Outstanding Workmanship, Colorado Roofing Association



Peak Advantage Summit Club, Johns Manville
Master Select Roofing Contractor, GAF Materials Corporation
Approved Contractor, Performance Roof Systems
Certification, Colorado Cost Containment, Colorado Compensation Insurance Authority
Certified Metal Roofing Installer, Outstanding Workmanship, Englert



Certified Roofing Contractor, Owens Corning Fiberglass
“Fifty Perfect Installations” Carlisle SynTec Systems
Member, Colorado Roofing Association
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