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Roofers Wanted!


Our reputation for craftsmanship has led to higher demand for skilled roofers! We have positions available. Forward this to others who you believe may rise to the call!

United Materials continues to deliver as a stable and successful performer in the large-scale commercial roofing industry, serving the private sector, as well as state, local, and federal governments in multiple geographies since 1923. Over the last 90 years, technology has changed and improved, while United's fundamental principle has endured: When fiscal responsibility is fused together with being environmentally conscientious - great benefits will be yielded by stakeholders across the spectrum. United is often part of the process before and after the execution of the work. Their reputation and experience is often tapped in both the planning and design phases.     

United Materials places an emphasis on warranty-workmanship and unparalleled customer satisfaction - making us the repeated choice for the installation, repair and maintenance for complex projects, such as historic Federal courthouses, military buildings, and nationally-recognized retail centers. The General Services Administration, Department of Energy, and the National Renewal Energy Laboratory are among our public sector clientele.



Removes and installs commercial/residential roofing systems using hand tools and/or power driven mechanical equipment. Stocks materials on roofs, removes or prepares existing roofing systems for installation of new roofing systems, and installs new roofing systems. May be required to drive company vehicles to and from job site, landfills, or gravel pits.


Must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. Must be able to lift and carry 100# rolls of roofing felt, bundles of insulation, bundles of shingles, 50# pails of adhesive and solvents, and debris 50-150 times each day. Must have excellent balance. Must have dexterous use of both hands. Must be able to climb ladders. Must be able to work on uneven or inclined decks. Must be familiar with and be able to use hand tools and mechanized equipment. Must be able to work outdoors in temperature extremes. (20 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit)


Health hazards, including the use of hot asphalt (400 – 550 degrees Fahrenheit) may be encountered and can cause serious injury, if proper precautions are not utilized. This is dangerous, strenuous work requiring excellent coordination, good corrected vision, hearing climbing, balancing, stooping, bending, kneeling, crawling, lifting and the ability to work at great heights.



Please send Resume & Cover Letter to: linda@unitedmtls.net