United Materials
Colorado's Master Roofing Contractor since 1923


Passion. Experience. Diligence.

96 years and counting...

Founded in 1923, United Materials has earned a sterling reputation as a successful performer in the commercial roofing industry, serving the private sector, as well as the state and federal governments in multiple geographies. Over the last 94 years, we have evolved with improved roofing technologies, while staying faithful to fundamental principles: When fiscal responsibility is fused with a commitment to the environment, the benefits are conveyed to the asset stakeholders across the spectrum. Our experience is appreciated, and we are often invited to take part in the design & planning phases of projects that offer challenges affecting execution.

Placing an emphasis on warranty-craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has made United Materials a repeated choice for the installation, repair and maintenance for a range of projects:

  • Commercial

  • Multifamily

  • Government

  • Schools

  • Historic


A large part of the United Materials difference is the dedication of the people who join our team. All of them are qualified, and we’ve come to find many are extraordinary. Our MVPs perform above-and-beyond for our customers, and here is this quarter’s Most Valuable Player!


United Materials Difference

Long before United Materials became a founding member of the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing, we emphasized the use and development of environmentally-responsible high-performance roofing systems. In fact, for over 40 years, our core project goals focus upon:

  • Recycling of materials

  • Minimizing environmental impact

  • Delivery of enduring solutions

Case in point: United Materials was an early adopter of the nuclear moisture detection unit (needing a specialized license to own and operate). The device uses small doses of radiation to measure moisture levels in insulation, allowing for its reuse, rather than disposal. This practice saves money for asset owners without compromising new materials.

Before there was green, United Materials called it common sense. And our exclusive RoofGuard® maintenance program offers clients a way to protect and preserve their roofing investment. The commitment to our craft is of clear and measurable value to those we serve.